EarthLab, as its name suggests, is a place for experimentation and discovery. It is the endeavor of two humble people exploring and sharing their passions in life.

For now, the website is a creative expression of their love for yoga, photography and cuisine.

Please feel free to explore the lab as it evolves and share your own reflections.

Here we mostly talk about Hatha Yoga. That is, the postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) that people typically associate with Yoga.

The really cool thing about hatha yoga is that it makes you feel genuinely great. Whether it really is all that inner energy flowing through your chakras or simply that you are moving parts of your body you barely knew you had and breathing more deeply and rhythmically than you ordinarily would.... the reason is secondary in our opinion. You simply have to try it to believe in it.

We have recently become qualified yoga teachers (RYT200) and are embarking on an exciting new journey into a deeper practice and also helping others to practice. Its exciting and who knows where it may lead us.

Who doesn't love beautiful pictures?

We like all kinds of photography but in these pages, we feature mostly nature shots taken on smart phones.

It's just so satisfying to set up a great shot and the outcome is really the gift that keeps on giving.


With digital photography, it's easy to take more photos than you can actually appreciate. These pages will help us to celebrate the pics we love the most - those that bring back great memories and remind us why we love to be in nature, and why we love to create.

We love cooking! For us, cooking is more than bringing good ingredients together to a nice meal. Standing by our old kitchen table winds us down from work, allows us to share the joy and frustration of the day, gives us inspiration to plan projects, weekends, holidays, and the future.


At the same time, touching and cutting vegetables is meditative…feeling the skin of fish is sensational…composing dishes from seasonal and regional produce is satisfying…and sharing the result with friends and family is rewarding…and it tastes good too!!

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