[kahr-muh] noun

the discipline of selfless action as a pathway to perfection.



[yo-ga] noun

an ancient eastern spiritual and ascetic discipline, with the ultimate aim of enlightenment, now widely practiced for health and relaxation.




[ehrth-lab] noun

a form of Karma Yoga where teachers and students come together to share in the practice of yoga and personal growth.

Yoga Lab


We are a diverse and passionate group of recently qualified yoga teachers who have come together in 2019 to share our experience and insights with the Genevois community.

Hatha, ashtanga, vinyassa, kundalinin, yin, nidra, sivananda, antastha are among the styles on offer to make you feel stronger, straighter, more flexible and most importantly, more relaxed and connected to your true self. 

But at the core of the EarthLab Yoga Collective is the principle of Karma Yoga. The collective is entirely not for profit. The teachers don't make a cent so that every cent you pay goes directly to support people in need.

10chf per class

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