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Yogurty-Yogi's Breakfast on the Go

4 out of 9 weekends into full on yoga teacher training, we've needed to get organized so that we have enough fuel for the day. If you have an active week or weekend ahead of you, prep a big bowl of bircher and every morning dress it up. Easy, tastes amazing and fully of protein and good energy.

In a big bowl, pour a packet of any muesli mix you like from your local grocery (oats rather than flake-based muesli work best). Then lubricate. Use as much yogurt and milk you need to create a nice runny mixture (use more yogurt if you like it rich and creamy). If you like a kick, add a cup of orange (other citrus) juice. Cover and leave in the fridge overnight.

Next morning, you'll find the oats have absorbed all the liquid and may be a bit 'gluggy'. Depending on how you like your bircher, add more milk or yogurt. Then, fill 2/3rd of a jam jar with the bircher mix, and dress it up! Add a table spoon of liquid honey if you like it sweet…then layers of nuts and fruits you like. Everything (unsalted) works well. Finish up with a layer of (seasonal) fruits, e.g. whole raspberries, sliced grapes, bananas, apples…whatever you like!!!

Take your bicycle to the next beach, mountain, lake, park, yoga teacher training or wherever suits you best to salute the early sun…..take a jar of bircher and hot tea for afterwards!!

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